Today in the city Chicago 21.02.2018
Czech Vote Pits Pro-Russian Nativists Vs. West-Leaning Liberals

Czech voters are set to choose a president in a tensely fought contest that reflects the region’s crosscurrents of pro-Russian nativism and Western liberalism.

Casey Affleck won't present best actress Oscar amid #MeToo spotlight

Casey Affleck's publicist said the actor would not attend the March 4 ceremony. The star faced sexual harassment allegations in 2010 in two public civil suits.

Why the Czech presidential election is one to watch

Czech voters go to the polls this weekend in an election that pits the country's pro-Russia President against a europhile challenger who has given the incumbent a run for his money that few were expec...

Casey Affleck won't present Best Actress award at Oscars

Bucking tradition, Casey Affleck won't appear at this year's Academy Awards to present the Best Actress award. Affleck won the Best Actor Oscar in 2017 for his performance in Manchester by the Sea, an...

In wake of #MeToo and #TimesUp, Casey Affleck decides not to present at the Oscars

Casey Affleck has decided to recuse himself from presenting the Oscar for best actress at the 2018 Academy Awards, likely due to the two sexual harassment allegations laid against him in 2010. Affleck...

Cramer says owning too many stocks and too little cash can set you up for failure

Jim Cramer breaks down why owning fewer stocks can help make you more money and why you should always have some cash.

Faculty, Students Protest Bannon Invitation to U of Chicago

University of Chicago faculty and students are protesting an invitation to former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon to participate in a debate on immigration and globalization.

Casey Affleck Will Skip the Oscars, Reportedly Because of #MeToo

Last year’s Best Actor winner will not present at or even attend this year’s Academy Awards, Deadline reports. Casey Affleck will skip the 2018 Oscars ceremony because “he did not want to become a dis...

Can The Common Sense Caucus Influence Leading Lawmakers?

A bipartisan group of senators have dubbed themselves the "Common Sense Caucus" and are taking credit for ending the brief government shutdown. But in a polarized Capitol, how much influence will thes...

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